Mary Bell Ep

The book, “Mary Bell” by Katherine Smith

 “The Mary Bell Case” Documentary

Images for Social Media Include:

Photo of Mary Bell as a Child:

Photo of Martin and Brian, by the Crime Column

Image of Norma Bell, By Bizarrepedia

Mary Bell’s diary entry about the killing of Martin by Bizarrepedia

The image of the house where Martin brown was found by TeesideLive 

The image of the concrete blocks where Brian Howe was found, with officers standing nearby 

Chronicle live

The audio snips used in this episode was obtained by BBC Documentary - "Child of Crime" Mary Bell

Jerry Sandusky Ep


"Penn State Abuse Scandal: A Guide and a Timeline”

“Jerry Sandusky’s Son Details Sex Abuse on Tape”

By 1450&95.9 NewsTalk wol

An Interview with Jerry Sandusky: The New York Times

Sandusky Victim 1: Lonely Fight for Justice


NBC Bob Costas interview with Jerry Sandusky

"An Interview with Jerry Sandusky" from theNew York Times



Edmund Kemper Ep

Serial Killers Shop

Mother, Murders and Facts Edmund Kemper Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper Stories

Donald Gaskins pt 1 and 2 Ep

Ramirez Ep Part 1 and Part 2

Marie Bresnard

Bonus Ep: Worthington

Bible John Ep

Rebecca Schaeffer Ep

 AP News "obsessed fan conviction in slaying of actress Rebecca Schaeffer" by Linda Deutsch

 Rebecca Schaeffer biography IMBD

 From the LA Times, "Victim, Suspect from Different Worlds: Actress' Bright Success Collided with Obsession"

 Inmate Aid: Robert Bardo

 Good Housekeeping's: "How Rebecca Schaeffer's Horrific Murder led to the nation's first anti-stalking law"

Charley Ross Kidnapping

1891 Italian prison lynchings

Rebecca Zahau Ep

Angel's Landing Ep

Samuel Little Ep The Confessons of a Killer

The Washington Post: Samuel Little Serial Killer part two

 The Cut: The Serial Killer and the "Less Dead"

Arboretum Homicides Ep

WKOK “Arboretum victims’ relative speaks out as complaint alleges teens kidnapped, killed couple”

School of Medicine and Public Health: Remembering Dr. Beth Potter

CBS News

UW Madison Police Department: Homicide Investigation at UW Arboretum

The Badger Herald: Two 18-year-old suspects charged in double homicide at UW Arboretum

WKOW: Medical examiner identifies victims in Arboretum homicide

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Teen suspected of murdering University of Wisconsin professor and her husband had moved in with them while dating their daughter - but had just been kicked out for refusing to follow social distancing rules

Bonus: Darron Wint Ep


Murder in 20 "MURDERER: Daron Wint - Cemeteries instead of Colleges"

Oxygen InJustice with Nancy Grace Highlights (Youtube) "Daron Wint was Arrested Over a Slice of Pizza"


 Arne Johnson Pt 1 and 2 Ep

The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, by Gerald Brittle

AP NEWS: Arne Cheyenne Johnson

The Devil in Connecticut, by Gerald Brittle

Oxygen "What Really Happened with Arne Cheyenne Johnson's 1981 'The Devil Made me do it' Trial"

Bonus: Kelsey Berreth Ep

Breaking News Case

Ed Gein Case Part 1 and 2

Deviant: The Shocking True Story of Ed Gein, the Original "Psycho" by Harold Schecter

Villains, Scoundrels, and Rogues: the Incredible true tales of Mischief and Mayhem by Paul Martin

Renee Goode Ep

The Last Breath by Carlton Stowers

Sherita Williams Ep

James Holmes Ep:

Cyntoia Brown Ep

Bonus: Amy Carnevale Ep

Roman Poison Ep

Elizabeth Bathory Ep

Night stalker Ep

Netflix's The Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

Valentine's Ep

Kimberly Arrington, LaQuanta Riley and Lakira Goldsmith Ep

Casey Anthony Ep

1. 48 Hours Mystery The Untold Story of Caylee Anthony on 

2. CNN 3 new attorneys join Casey Anthony's defense team -

3. Hulu’s movie, “Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery”

4. Christina Randall “Casey Anthony’s New Business”

5. JCS- Criminal Psychology “There’s Something about Casey”

6. Observe “Body Analysts Reacts to Case Anthony”

Bonus: Lindberg baby Ep

Heather Teague Ep

Breaking news #2 Ep

Gabby Petito Ep

Tamika Huston Ep

Timmothy Pitzen Ep

Bonus: Michelle O'Dowd Ep

Daniel Robinson Ep

Charles Manson Ep

Fear of Clowns/West Palm beach murder Ep

Gacy Pt 1 and 2 Ep

Bonus: Chester Allen Poage Ep

Maya Millette Ep (In missing woman Maya Millete case, Chula Vista police serve 11 more search warrants | Fox News) (Here's the latest on Maya Millete |

YouTube "Find Maya Millete" (Maya and her son singing, video)

Melissa Platt Ep

Fundraiser by Michelle Mims: Justice for Melissa Platt - Go Fund Me

Petition, Justice for Melissa Platt "Melissa Sue Mims Platt"

Youtube Kendall Rae "The Tragic Death of Melissa Platt Feat. Interview with her sister"

People's Temple Ep

PBS Documentary, The Life and Death of People's Temple, directed by Stanley Nelson

The book, Cults, by Nigel Cawthorne

The Jonestown Massacre: Paradise Lost

Jim Jones and the People's Temple Choir: Welcome

Return to Jonestown: 7NEWS

Jim Jones: Death Tape 1978

Vallow/Daybell Ep

Mommy Doomsday: NBC Podcast

CourtTV FBI Agent details search...

Inside edition: disturbing phone call between chad and lori released (Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell indicted on murder charges in death of kids)

James Hutchinson Ep

Stephanie Harlowe's Youtube segment, "Coffee and Crime Time: James Hutchinson"

WHIO Crime News

Peter Tobin Ep