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Welcome to Addicted to Crime. I am your host, Shelby Nankey, and I am so excited to begin this journey with all you fellow true crime fanatics. I will be sharing true crime stories that at times will be so outlandish, you won't believe it's real. People can be so awful, can't they? Let's dig into the cases of these awful people together. Addicted to Crime Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast that you can find anywhere you get your podcasts.

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Meet the Creator

Hi! I'm Shelby Nankey, and I am a 20-something true crime weirdo who grew up on Law and Order, Snapped and America's Most Wanted, and if you're here, you probably did too!

I started this podcast because first and foremost, I have a passion for victims and their families, especially the lesser-known cases who don't get enough media exposure. Secondly, I thrive on deep research and deep dives into intriguing cases. If I can get a book (or 2 or 3) on a case, I'm hooked. Finally, I want to encourage my listeners to pay more attention to their surroundings and hopefully stay safe.

I have always loved true crime, and this is an outlet for me to tell the stories.

Aside from true crime, some of my hobbies include cooking/baking, decorating, gardening and anything to do with being outside. My family and I live on a farm, so the countryside is my safe zone.

Thank you for supporting my podcast, I am looking forward to creating more content for you to enjoy. Be well and stay safe!

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